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My new boss Vanessa Rain is so intimidating. Her amazon 6&extreme;3″ stature as compared to my miniature 5´0″ frame is frightening enough, but her uppity arrogance just adds to her take control demeanor. She offered me a terrible review and I decide to pay her a visit to examine my job operation. She stays adamant and won´t budge on the terrible review, but I&severe;t come ready to deal with her. I press a moist rag on her face until she is cold. I When Vanessa wakes, she discovers her arms tightly bound behind her back – elbows painfully close together. Her crossed ankles are dressed and I’m unbuttoning her satin blouse. Vanessa is still a bitch and still telling me I’m not a successful employee, I decide to humiliate her. I gradually peel down my panties and then shove them into her big fat mouth then wrap her head along with vet wrap till she is silenced. Awww isn&severe;t too poor, you can&severe;t even tell me I’m fair now. Busty girl Vanessa grunts throughout her gag and I put in a crotch rope making certain it´therefore tight and penalizing. After all, the uppity know-it-all deserves to be in pain. I tug her tight skirt up over her round buttocks and pull her down to the ground. I rope her wrists up and finish her off at a wonderful sweet hogtie. Look at you now, all tied up. What was that you called me Miss Rain… a runt? Well look in the tied enjoy hog. Perhaps you´ll grunt like a pig!! The bad helpless amazon bitch spits out her gag and needs to become untied. Sure hun… right away!!! I cleave gag her and place my panties on her head leaving her gagged and fighting on the ground.

From: Milfgigi.com
Date: July 9, 2019
Category: General porn

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