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Francesca Le has arrived home from a long day of work to tend to her house Pet. Alana Cruise is said house pet who has been tied up in rope bondage and left in Francescas Living room to wait patiently till Francesca returns. Alana has been bound with rope wrapped around her naked body, her pretty brunette hair left loose. Francesca enters the living area within her beautiful MILF business attire. Under her blouse and skirt she’s a sexy pair of lingerie. Francesca is extremely pleased to see her house pet obediently awaiting her return. Not just is Alana leaping and waiting at a very submissive position, she is waiting with a jeweled buttplug in her bum which pleases Francesca greatly. Francesca spanks her pet as a reward for waiting like ideal slut. Alanas legs and buttocks undulate and thrust towards each of Francescas blows. Alana is appreciating spanking so much she farts her butt plug while francesca is acting with it. Francesca pops the toys in and out of Alanas ass all of the mean whilst offering her the greatest spanking of her life when farting toys from her asshole. Francesca would like to test her pets anal abilities outside. She’s not an expert anal servant that’s why Francesca is reasonably gentle with her still pushes her limits since that is exactly what the anal servant wants. Francesca palms Alanas asshole with 5 fingers working her way up to an anal fisting till Alana may shoot no more. Subsequently Alana chooses the 2ft long haul as much as she can into her asshole until she has to call mercy into her anal coach. Francesca the benefits her anal slave in coaching with her very own large beautiful asshole while she confront sits Alana and makes her lick and sniff her lovely butthole. Following Francesca cums she rewards her furry friend with a massive anal strap on. She also fucks Alanas asshole till its Raw. Francesca pulls, Alanas hair and bondage torso harness so that she can push deep into Alanas nearly Virgin Asshole. After Francesca has her pleasure with her servant, she ties up her back and leaves her until next time.

Date: July 6, 2019
Category: Spanking

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