Alexa Aimes & Kurt Lockwood –

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Following being fucked by Seth along with a fast tidy up of her face, Alexa believes she needs some more dick! She calls Kurt to come over and help her move in a number of her things. She baits him into her snare like she did Seth After Kurt arrives. She has a sad look on her face prompting Kurt to inquire what’s wrong. Alexa shows Kurt the text from her”Lady”stating that her pussy looks like a wilted slice of lettuce out of a hamburger! Being the great guy he is he insists to look at Alexa's pussy so she can feel much better about herself and falls into her trap. After telling her s a pussyshe needs him to taste it to ensure it's ordinary. She shoves his face directly for him to suck at him however although he relents. Regrettably , he doesn't understand Seth had his penis in her not long until he came as the saying goes, what you don't could one hurt, know.

Date: April 15, 2019
Porn stars: Alexa Aimes / Kurt Lockwood
Category: Big tits

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