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College student Luci Lovett suspects that among the professors in the university is stealing relics from the Archaeology Department. 1 day she decides to throw out of class and break into the house where the suspected burglar was viewed going. She is determined to find proof she can use to demonstrate her professor is the burglar. Leggy Luci hunts the major room then goes to the back area to check in some less obvious places but she doesn&severe;t understand that I had a half a day at the college and I’m going to catch the snoop from the action. I can&severe;t believe that Luci had the audacity to come in here. I slip up behind her and grab her her eyes wide in surprise as I press a moist cloth securely over her mouth and nose until she goes limp. I strip her nude exposing her tits and pulling her down tight sexy jeans. I place a duct tape and begin binding Luci with it. The youthful snoop starts to wake as I am completing taping her thighs. Luci freaks out telling me she knew I had been a crook. I laugh and notify the dumb young woman I plan to transfer her to the university tonight and seal in one of these empty sarcophagus where no one could possibly find her! I grab a rag and stuff it into Luci&extreme;s mouth wrapping her mind with a great deal of layers of thick electrical tape so that nobody will hear bad helpless Luci. I tell Luci that I need to make sure there is no evidence that she had been here and I will return shortly. The snoop struggles as difficult as she can urgently attempting to free herself. She manages to get to her feet and hop around some, but I grab her and proceed to incorporate more tape the my helpless sufferer. I leave to get the car ready and Luci tries one final ditch attempt to escape sobbing hysterically as she fights, but she’s so tightly bound and gagged it is a futile effort as she starts to take her perilous destiny!

Date: September 19, 2020
Porn stars: Alexander
Category: Gay porn

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