All Grown Up Part 2 –


OT has kept Elizabeth Thorn locked up all day. When they were young, she used to play with him, but now she is visiting Delirious Hunter, her farm friend and something has changed about OT. He offered her his hand without asking how she was going to use it. She wishes she could have taken it back. Elizabeth hears her asking the wrong questions. While she thinks that her friend has left, Elizabeth is worried about how Elizabeth might be so rude as to not say good-bye. Elizabeth is not the only one who doesn’t know more. When she finds Delirious, Elizabeth thinks Delirious will help. This is not how it works. Since Delirious was a teenager, she has taken her hot friends to OT. The reason she’s mad is because OT lied and wanted to keep Elizabeth to himself. When he shares all that, Elizabeth will have to contend with twice the amount of deceitful doms.

From: infernalrestraints
Date: May 27, 2022
Category: Bdsm

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