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Logan is the type of man loves: he’s as hot as it gets, yet able to control his urge to eat until he can walk out the door carrying a full-fat load. The California-born cutie is 175lb. He is just 6’6′ tall. But the biggest measurement of his body, the space between his legs is 8A’. Logan loves to show off this thick cut beauty. Logan admits that he is a man who has an eye for women, but he does prefer to get his hair done by a woman. Logan seems to be okay with a bud going down when it is hot and cold. We can’t blame our buddy for asking to taste the pole. Logan is a fervent taste tester, and we can see why. Logan claims that he hasn’t jacked off in four to five days. His need for seeding was too urgent. His belt is undone and he quickly unbuttons his pants. His boxers immediately spill out from the gap like pop-and fresh biscuits have just cracked on the counter. He tugs at his waistband with an insistent tug. His head is now below his belly, the ink from LoganA’s shoulder, as well as his thick curly bush, are all that decorate the hairless and milky-white skin that covers his natural-toned body. The swelling of his cock makes it point straight at the ceiling. It is cushioned with a pair bloated balls. His cock is long and heavy, and has a well-tailed head. It becomes A’the Third Leg, A’ because it’s so big and hard that it looks like an appendage. LoganA runs at double speed with his hands, never letting up as he moves from sitting to standing to lying down to stroking his stomach with the special white sauce that he has been cooking for nearly a week.

From: extrabigdicks
Date: September 28, 2022
Category: Gay

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