Anal Bar Cruising –

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Ella Nova is a unsuspecting small business lady who has had the misfortune of getting her car split right outside of a bar. The fantastic news is that the bars doors are open and theres someone from there who can provide help. The bad news isthe bar doors are open because the pub is a well know pickup pub for Anal Sluts. To the locals, its a well-known truth that if you walk in the bar after hours, you’re there for one thing and one thing only….EXTREME LESBIAN ANAL SEX. Ella appears so innocent coming into the pub but Savannah Fox seems to understand what all woman really want and all girls desire savage anal ass fucking till their beef holes are raw and tender. . .so thats that Savannah Fox will give Ella. Savannah Fox sees that Ella is a sophisticated small business lady so Savannah gives Ella the goddess remedy by linking up Ella and sucking her feet and the putting her foul toes into Ella Asshole. Savannah is indeed turned on by Ellas wett pink asshole wrapped around her feet which Savannah blesses Ella with a great long slink deep into her asshole. Savannah stretches Ellas asshole out even more using a speculum while she sniffs and spits on everything in Ellas raw and shattered hole

Date: March 16, 2019
Porn stars: Ella NovaSavannah Fox
Category: Lezdom

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