Army Brats Lose a missile,.. –


Izamar ( a Latina MILF) and Charlotte Sartre ( a Goth lovely with porceline white skin) have fucked up royally. The US dropped 59 tomahawk missiles near Homs about the Shayrat air base. One was dropped by those two bozos although there were suppose to be 60 missiles. Seeing the way the missiles cost American tax lien 1.5 million annually, someone will have to be held accountable to this twist up and it has to be well documented to the american people to understand that the government requires these sort of things really seriously. The authorities has requested Alexa Nova to be responsible for punishes these two fuck ups. Alexa has some quite unorthodox methods for showing discipline however, the folks seem to respond well to her actions. Alexa’s Strategy may have back fired on her nevertheless. She planned by making them inhale and lick one another’s assholes, on these two fuck ups but she didn’t’ realize that theses two ladies loved licking and licking gaped holes. She shows America the interiors of Izamar’s and Charlotte assholes today. Every asshole is elongate to its limitation (s. They are fucked with huge toys and also their assholes are left available to get a great deal of time. Each girl is fisted until she cums. When Alexa believes she has finished her job, the girl flip the tables on her and they end up fisting her where she could shove that fucking missile, showing off her.

Date: March 2, 2020
Category: Lezdom

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