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This past week, Wade Riley and niko Reeves create their ExtraBigDicksdebut. Nikko is from Los Angeles and is 23. West shore meets the yr old Wade proudly represents Alabama. We wondered what series they like enough to purchase and what these two liked to watch on TV. Wade enjoys Greys Anatomy while Niko enjoys the Sopranos. Then we wondered what the most kinky thing that these two people had gotten into. Wade admits hes been tied up at the woods. He states although by the time that they were done it felt as though there was 3 of them there was 1 woodsman. Niko blushes and admits hes never achieved anything which kinky but he had been using a police officer who handcuffed him with his actual handcuffs and it made the activity that much hotter. Well this afternoon we wont have to tie right down Wade and there will be some handcuffs for Niko. There’ll be many hot palms free fucking and sucking so without further ado… By now we start rolling up Wade is rock hard and Nikos palms are all on it. He pulls Wades pants and begins to grope his boner. I like it says Niko because he tugs on it. Wades hard cock and his hangers stands proudly at attention as Niko opens wide. He starts to nurse on such nation cock plays with his own balls and as Wade reaches down. Wade strips Niko so he can return the favor. Niko moans his approval as Wade proceeds to work on his cock. Niko enjoys the attention hes getting but hes that Wade can feed him cock, because he kneels to the ground. As Wades penis throbs at 12, niko laps at his balls. He starts to fuck his head trying to get up to his dick and catches Nikos mind. Niko then bends again and lets his tongue explore that hole hell that is smooth be filling. Niko didnt get sufficient because he writhes in ecstasy while Wade tongue fucks his hole and slaps this bum. Wade gets into position and matches up once that ass is ready and wet enough to get inside of. He flips Niko over on his back and invisibly indoors. He begins fucking that ass difficult as Niko whimpers as he takes a pounding. Wade buries that beef over and over as Niko takes every thrust. Tight ass Wade moans as he watches his dick disappear into Nikos hole that is hot and looks down. Niko is rock hard the whole time Wade is pounding that ass. As he assaults that bum wades persistent. He switches it up and licks Niko. Wade gets right back to pounding that bum as he slaps that ass and asks Niko when he likes that (. . .purely rhetorical, obviously ). He gets because he starts to fuck into that hole that is Niko to sit on his dick. Niko gets as Wade starts to jack Nikos penis bounced up and down on that enormous dick. Wade jacks Niko harder as he bounces his meat. Sensory defined abs and chest. Wade keeps shoving that dick heavy making him cum harder. Wade then pulls out and then busts his nut all on very happy trail and his.

Date: April 15, 2020
Porn stars: Yuuki Trap
Category: Gay porn

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