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Welcome Asphyxia Noir to Sexually Broken.

Asphyxia is one of latest Alt-Porn models. With long lean legs, a hot tiny butt, ideal alabaster skin, perfect lips, along with exotic eyes, Asphyxia is too hot as they come! Bound in a conventional Japanese box tie, changed to perfection by Matt Williams, Asphyxia finds herself helpless, cozy, however completely helpless. The bondage is inevitable. To her dismay, she is trapped and finds herself with a tough cock staring her in her face. Rough hands push her down on the big cock. It blows off her mouth and strikes on the back of her throat. She sees that there’s still 2 inches to proceed, it cant possibly go all the way down her throat, but he’s powerful. With her wrists trapped beneath her she has no shield, he uses her throat just like a pussy, fucking it deep and hard. She’s dazed because he fucks her to subspace. Deep spit out of the very back of the throat coatings her face, it is slippery and permits the penis to slide down her throat much easier then before. She’s losing this battle, the cock is ruining her. Now she’s at the top, fucking the cock she lubed with her throatspit. She really wants to please himso that she uses all of her tricks. She rides him hard, she desires it hard right nowshe doesnt understand why she needs it rough, she just does. She slows down for a second, exhausted, he senses weakness and moves on the offensive again. He bends her over and fucks her throat while her head is upside down on the couch. Completely helpless, the penis goes balls heavy. Her face will be more fucked harder and deeper then it ever has before, but she hangs on, never gives up. She’s his equal. He senses her decision making and goes harder. For what looks like an eternity, he fucks her pussy and mouth in a number of diverse positions, he makes her cum with a vibrator as she is deep throating him into the max. Lost in subspace, she is sexually controlled like never before. Ridden difficult, she hangs on and she cant stop orgasming. He moves into overdrive, fucking her harder then before. She cant handle it, she is going to lose her mind, she wants to tap out, it is just a great deal, he will triumph, outlast her into this epic struggle of brutal sexual intercourse. But just before she is about begging for mercy, he cums, she is able to feel it filling her, he slams the penis residence, expecting she will fill, but she understands she has won. She only wants to hang for a few more seconds, she’ll be the first to make him cum. A stunning success…

Date: June 21, 2019
Category: Bondage

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