Aurora Snow Has Interracial.. –


I come home to find my son Jason in my panty draw sniffing and rubbing my panties all over himself. Jason!!! Thousands of dollars spent on therapy and you are still a sissy boy! I will take matters into my own hands and cure you with some unconventional therapy. I grab a pair of my silk panties and put mommy´s panties over his head and on his face. Is this what you dream about? Mommy crotch on your face?? I XXXX Jason to remove his boxer shorts and put on a pair of my panties. I make my son put on a pair of my pantyhose! But mom, he cries, I´ve never worn pantyhose before. Too bad son – put them on and shut up!! I put Jason over my knee and smack his ass. I put a pair of panties into his mouth and tape them in tightly gagging him effectively. Poor Jason moans beneath the gag as I roll him over and bind his wrists behind his back. I cross his ankles like a girl and tie them cinching tightly while the poor grown man grunts. I finish him off in a hogtie and leave my son alone bound and gagged surrounded by mommy´s panties.

Date: July 4, 2020
Porn stars: Aurora Snow
Category: Penetration

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