Beautiful Fon Makes Her Debut! –


Clifton is a hot surfer who has an athletic, toned body and a hairy chest. Its so rare nowadays to discover a hot straight guy like Clifton that doesnt shave his chest. I really like men with hairy chests so Clifton was a real treat for me! When asked about his favourite thing to do in bed, his first response was, My favourite thing to do is eat pussy. I love eating pussy, I can consume it all night long. His girlfriends are definitely lucky!Clifton is so hot, I wanted to film him for another day. Unfortunately, it had been raining so we couldnt go outside, but I believed it’d be fun to paint a sink and got him ejaculate in it. Clifton is very eager to please and that he got a hefty load right to the bowl. The contrast of his pink, creamy semen from the black face was very sensual!

Date: September 13, 2020
Porn stars: Fon
Category: Gay porn

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