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This week on ExtraBigDicks we’ve got one of our recent finds from the name of Feliz Andrews. Feliz was last here a couple of weeks back and to the envy of many was on the receiving end of Josh Wests hateful 9 monster dick. Well, with a title such as Feliz (Sp. For Joyful ) we think weve found the secret to his or her happiness. –Wait for it. Hmmm. Tommy Defendi is 19yo and also a Chicago native. He is single and not wanting to settle down. Hes 61 and, Lucky to get Feliz, hes to smaller and shorter guys. Tommy is a enormous thick boy plus also a late bloomer. He had sex for the first time at 17. He waited around to find the perfect one. Tommys undoubtedly more of again blessed for Feliz and, a top, is packing a thicker than average 9 penis. Can you find a 9 joyful pattern ? (Shhh–its a mystery ) Tommy bottomed once and even though it wasnt his entity it gave him a much better idea of what is like to be at the conclusion of his thick meat. It made him a much more conscientious top. He also doesnt pound he chooses to take his period to not harm his partner. Awwww–Hes among the ones that are excellent. Well, heres into giving our newcomer a warm welcome and a warmer place to bury his beef (. . .and by place we mean Feliz–Duh! ) Because their hands begin to roam over each other they start to slowly kiss. Feliz hands make a direct dashboard for Tommys crotch that is starting to strain against his trousers. While Feliz kisses him, tommy is stripped to his boxers. Penis is too large to keep in his boxer briefs along with that meaty python snaking out past his waist band’s visual is too much to resist. Feliz strokes his penis and once he can, it appears to double in size. Prior to attending to it 11, he holds it. Tommy sighs and moans because Feliz works as much as he can attempt to invest . Tommys penis is a python one of dicks. Its base to head and Feliz is happy to perform it. Tope with monster cocks dont come across Feliz and each day is functioning as best he is able to satisfy the Windy City meat packer. Tommy then goes on Feliz to give a bit of what hes becoming to him. Feliz appreciates his efforts but earlier than later, hes back on Tommys meat shoving it down his throat as you can. Tommy softly holds Feliz mind as he sees him bob and down onto his thick cock and running his cum-filled balls which dangle below.Tommy teases Feliz with his thick dick, thumping it into his own face and slapping his hot mouth with it until burying it straight back for more. It will be burying his thick dick elsewhere. Once theyve had their load of oral; Tommy is prepared to have his fill of Feliz. Feliz straddles Tommys meat and starts to ease down on his cock. It doesnt take long at all to engulf every inch of Defendi Dick. Smooth balls that are pulling tighter up into his cock’s bottom are currently getting more comfortable with Feliz smooth ass that is all now easily currently taking it. Tommys face says it all because his eyebrows furl and his mouth gapes open. Feliz is currently riding him hard and working his dick like a rodeo champ. Tommy needs more hands and he gets it. He slides back inside for more and stands Feliz. He piston-fucks Feliz ass as his heavy balls smack at his hot Latin buttocks. Aww fuck as Tommy repeatedly buries his infant manufacturer to the hilt Feliz groans. Watching Tommy fuck Feliz bum gives you a better idea on precisely how conscientious a shirt he’s. Tommy bends Feliz over and fucks Feliz deep and hard After hes ready to wrap it up. It isnt long until he unloads a huge burst of seed around Feliz back and pulls his snake . Feliz returns the favour unloading around Tommys chest.

Date: February 1, 2020
Category: Gay porn

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