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? Our Beloved hot Latina Milf Becca Diamond. She’s a staple here in Fetish Network and we doing everything we can to lure her back into the dungeon. Shes definitely 1 sex servant fun challenge and to dominate with new goodies. Shes introduced to it into our sybian fucking system. We have an intriguing bondage apparatus: a long piece of bamboo. It ends up pairing with rope. Becca is kept about the sybian with rope around her waist and legs. The bamboo spread and has been tied to her arms, keeping them up, ties round her muscles and wrists. Our Diamond is also treated with our first black Master and his large cock. Becca struggles to include herself from all of the climaxes its causing. She’s squirt. Her Master pushes on her hips down on the sybian, clit pulsed with vibrations, which makes her ride . Her mouth opens and leaves her gag making her offer him a blowjob. She loves big cocks and worships it like a sex slave should. Lets see whether she can take up it pass her meaty clit to her cougar cunt. Her Master stands up her keeps her tied to the bamboo and ties with the rope. He inspect his sex slaves asshole and pussy, happy to see pretty pink. Diamond takes every inch of penis, deep and rough, for being a dirty whore begging for sympathy. Her Master dates back and forth from with her spit as lube , mouth to pussy to mouth and leaving her clean his dick off her cum. He pushes his dick deep down her tight holes, making her moan and shout like a fantastic slut should, thumping her into. Becca Diamond delivers another excellent performance. Stick around for much more!

Date: February 8, 2019
Category: Slave

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