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Berke is a 27-year-old personal trainer who currently works at one of the big chains.A He wants to go out on his own, so heaEUR(tm)s been enlisting clients.aEURoeWhat type of client are you going after?aEUR I asked him.aEURoeUm, mostly the soccer mom types,aEUR he said.A aEURoeTheyaEUR(tm)ve had a few kids and are concerned about their weight.A After 40, things start to go south, soaEUR|aEURaEURoeWhat type of girl do you like?aEUR I asked, changing the subject so as to avoid bringing up the fact that I am pushing 40.aEURoeWell, I have a live-in girlfriend,aEUR he replied.A aEURoeSheaEUR(tm)s blonde, big boobs.A ThataEUR(tm)s what I like.aEURaEURoeDo you guys fuck a lot?aEURaEURoeHonestly,aEUR he said, aEURoeman, like 4 or 5 times a day.aEURaEURoeGeez, you guys are like rabbits!aEURaEURoeYeah, IaEUR(tm)m a self-proclaimed nympho.A SheaEUR(tm)s really into it too.A Two peas in a pod, actuallyaEUR|aEURIt was fun hanging out with Berke.A HeaEUR(tm)s so fucking hot, with a cherubic baby face and a muscular, manly body.A Great smile and a big dick too.aEURoeYou should let your body hair grow out,aEUR I told him.A aEURoeIt would look hot.aEURaEURoeWell, my girlfriend doesnaEUR(tm)t like the hair.aEURGod damn girlsaEUR|

From: seancody
Date: September 10, 2022
Category: Hairy

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