Bibi – You rascal! –


“When I was young I got into modeling,” Sheldon explained me. “Howd that go?” “I did it for a bit,” he said. “It was nice having people tell you just how cute you are all the time!” “Well its true,” that I said.Sheldon blushed a bit. He smiled, and his bright blue eyes sparkled.With his clothes on Sheldon seems skinny. But once his clothes arrived of I noticed that he is well toned. I really liked the sprinkling of hair across his chest.What really caught me by surprise was that his cock! I had no idea it would be as big as it’s. Its funny how the skinny, younger guys always have the biggest dicks! “Have you been a shooter?” I asked.He seemed surprised by this question, however certain. “Sure .” “How big?” “Well,” he explained. “I blew and struck the ceiling. Straight up the walls and everything! “Well he wasnt kidding. When he came he took such a massive load he struck my camera. Ironically, it was just like a fountain! “Wow, that was all around the area!” I stated as I washed the jizz off my camera. “I told you” He said. “This occurs in the home all the time. The wake takes forever to wash up!”

Date: September 29, 2020
Porn stars: Bibi
Category: Gay porn

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