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The only reason 20 year old Alaina Rose took the babysitting job was because the parents had a huge movie sized television. Alaina´s favorite show was about to start and the brat she was watching just wouldn´t settle down. She calls him into the livingroom and tells him he was five minutes to calm down and go to bed. The kid decides to make a deal with his pretty babysitter and he tells her he wants to play a game. If you let me tie you up real quickly I will leave you alone. She reluctantly agrees as long as she is untied and done with the annoying game before her show starts. Alaina sits on the couch hands tied behind her back and ankles bound tightly with rope. This little fucker must´ve been a boyscout. She struggles and wiggles and tells him it is time to stop and go to bed. Instead he holds up a pair of his momma´s panties in Alaina´s face. Oh NO!!! No! No! No! My television show starts now. The next thing she knows poor Alaina is massively gagged – her mouth filled with the panties and her head wrapped tightly with duct tape. Her elbows are tied and the baby sitter is wrapped in rope neck pulled down to her bound ankles in a ridiculously tight ball tie. She is furious and struggles rolling around on the floor, but her efforts are futile and the brutal bondage won´t budge.

Date: October 16, 2020
Category: Babes

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