Bimbo in Chastity and Fucked.. –


Miss Jasmine has “opened up” to Miss Jasmine her bimbo slut and she can now see her pussy holes and legs on film. She is determined to cuddle and her clit is in complete chastity. Silly bitch is feigning her desire to cuddle Jasmine while she works hard with her strap. Jasmine suggests that she try to get cuddles with the men who will pay her to have a sex session. They will at the very least make her feel uncomfortable and stop her from wailing. While she whimpers, Jasmine pushes her big-sized cock into her stomach. Jasmine decides that she will unlock her chastity by stroking her clitty and then she stops shooting. She goes back into her cage! Poor bimbo slut!

Date: July 15, 2022
Category: Rubber

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