Bitch In A Bag –


Chanell Heart is a beauty that enjoys discipline and bondage. One thing about being bound, gagged, and beaten is such a turn for her. Have one glance at her entire body and tell me you wouldn't make the most. She has hauled into the room in a bag. That's the way we accept delivery of our cunts around here. Jack Hammer will have some fun with this one. Also a spreader bar keeps them far enough apart that she can ' t protect pussy or her butt from his strikes although rope keeps her wrists curled up behind her. The way she can rub against the areas that are soar, however, it won ' t do her good. If they're at the way when Jack will only bring the cane down to them, too.Rope isn't only for lying down. The standing tie which Jack gets her in paddles her now has Chanell on her toes while she is flogged by him, along with canes the living shit from her. She’s dancing about and screaming through her ring gag attempting to eliminate but there isn't much wiggle room for this bondage that is much. It becomes harder to go if he starts shifting her pussy and pulls one of her legs up. It is probably the most intense, and toughest, orgasm that Chanell will encounter. It is so difficult to cum position on one leg. It ' s almost impossible when your ass is being paddled by Jack with all his might. But each more it takes for her to eliminate makes it much better when the moment comes. By the time she’s her discharge it’s a body rocking, soul shaking cum like she’s never had before.

Date: February 4, 2020
Porn stars: Chanell Heart / Jack Hammer
Category: Bondage

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