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We’ve got a blast from the past because we all welcome back Jason Talon, this week. Jason is a new face to MenOver30, Although he can be a blast generally. His debut was left by Jason on CircleJerkBoys a few years ago but is old enough to join the ranks of the MenOver30 Stable although originally from Minnesota. Were happy to have him back. Hes looking good. To his side is yet another Atlanta locate, Mr. Billy Bleu. Billy is a lean slice of hot with an look, ink and a huge cock. We’ve got big plans for both of these. When they could have 2 dream homes where would those homes be we asked these two. Jason would remain in Minnesota (Reeeally!?) And hed have another house in Australia. Billy comes up with a Cosmopolitan answer with another flat in London and a swanky loft in New York City. I love the accent, so I love Brits, he admits. We then asked. Jason chimes in while Billy likes to have sex in the shower, with rimming. As for the best knee buckling experience for Jason, it would be out being in the middle of nowhere and searching with a weed. Their isolation led to a back-woods fuck session that was sexy and turned creative. When his then boyfriend and he went down to the pool & ended up fucking out in the open, billy was poolside at 3 am. Billys a ballsy boyand by ballsy we mean hes a keeper.They dont waste any time as Jason begins to research Billys smooth pecs. As they continue undressing he sucks and licks in his nips. Jason strips Billy down to his boxer briefs before sitting back and observing Billy return the favour. Billy slides off Jasons fighters to show his cock ready for action. Billy sucks into his signature that Minnesota meat like a pro as Jasons cock throbs. Billy knows precisely what hes doing as he caresses Jasons smooth nut sack while deep throating his dick. Billy wont have to wait for long to get attention as Jason begins to return the favour. Billys meat is rock hard and more than ready for focus. We see Jason on his knees his best as the cam pans over Billys shoulder. You enjoy it? Billy teases. (Were presuming this was a purely rhetorical question) Jason takes his time as he savors that dick. Billys balls have been pulled under the bottom of the cock. As Jason continues to function that cock, the view is remarkable. Jason then stands up and as they make they size up, stroking their cocks together.Today Jason is in for a real treat as Billy kneels on the seat and presents Jason with that sweet ass that couple get to tap. Jason begins to slide his prick inside as Billy moans. Jason is buried all of the way inside this ass. You like that cock in my buttocks? As Jason begins to pick up the speed billy groans. Jasons balls smack away at the sweet ass. When Jasons prepared for a new spin, he moves Billy on to the sofa where he could continue his shipping Missionary style. His cock slides back. Billy might be a high the majority of the time but he knows if he gets you, how to enjoy a good fucking. He takes that dickin like a pro. Jason has Billy sit his dick in a reverse cowgirl position and gets up. Billy straddles that meat and eases down on it for more. He chooses before riding it like Paul Revere that dick all the way inside. Because his cock explodes and together with this thick meat hitting on his spot, Billy cant hold it anymore on a mission. As he proceeds to grind that ass on Jasons cock he shoots at his load all over the carpet. Jason jacks himself off all over his sleek navel and abdomen and forth then lies back.

Date: December 7, 2018
Porn stars: Billy Bleu / Jason Talon
Category: Gay porn

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