Blocking the Bathroom –


This video shows Nikko going to the toilet in a fight that ends in Nikko pooping in her pants.

Alisha, Nikko and their dogs are enjoying a relaxing time in their pajamas when Nikko decides to go to the toilet. Alisha thinks that it would be fun for Nikko to wait so she stands up and stops Nikko going to the toilet.

Alisha stands in front the bathroom door to stop Nikko getting into the toilet. Nikko wants to pee. Alisha is preventing her from peeing. Nikko is unable to take the pressure and tries not to pee. Pee flows between her fingers and her pants as streams of water force their way through.

Alisha laughs that Nikko rubbed her pants, while Nikko is ashamed. Alisha eventually moves to the side so Nikko may use the toilet and wash her hands.

From: hdwetting
Date: July 17, 2022
Category: Pissing

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