Bound For Sodom –


Cody Winter and Draven Navarro are two Mormons taking a road trip to the Missionary Training Center.

When they stop in the center of the desert to look at an abandoned town, they get spooked by a sign on the ground which overlooks”Sodom”. They run out of the ghost city and wreck their car resulting in their abduction with a creepy Sheriff and the”Lord of Sodom”. Sheriff Dallas Steele takes Cody to a location outside and ties him into some giant cement pillar sticking out from the sand from head to toe using rope. Sheriff Steele grabs Cody&intense;s pulls and prick through his trousers. He leans in to Cody´s face and tells him sternly who&severe;s boss then rips Cody&severe;s shirt open. Cody & intense cuts;s panties off and pulls out a crop, slapping Cody&severe;s cock and stomach. Sheriff Steele gets clamps and locks you to each Cody & acute;s nipples and also one more to clamp acute & Cody;the crop is used by s foreskin closed then once again. The Sheriff eliminates the clamp gets his knees and then sucks intense & Cody . After that, Cody gets on his knees and gets face-fucked by the Sheriffs dick. Next we locate Cody blindfolded, balancing with a spreader bar between his legstied up to a bridge along with his hands behind his back. The Sheriff Steele whips him hard with all his flogger all over extreme & Cody;s human entire body, demanding Cody to bow to the Lord of Sodom. Refusing to submit, Sheriff Dallas Steele takes Cody within an abandoned construction and ties him up a while, bent over a counter with one leg upward and fucks his ass hard and deep until he frees his load all over Cody&severe;s face.

Date: October 8, 2019
Porn stars: Cody Winter / Dallas Steele
Category: Gay porn

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