Bound Paisley Parker roughly.. –


Paisley Parker has just turned 19 and is cute as a button. This newcomer is here now to acquire the complete Sexuallybroken as only we could dish out, with rough fucking and barbarous deepthroating by hard penis. That is precisely how she resides it.Belt jump on her spine in a timeless fuck me position with her toes pointed upwards into the ceiling, and the two collections of Paisley’s holes are wide open and ready for company. And give her business we do. Two hard cocks step up and turn this tender teen to a sandwich. A vibrator is the cherry on top as Paisley is fucked into next week.The tight bondage, hard cock and climaxes does the fool as our fresh faced newbie careening to sexual subspace. Orgasm after orgasm is ripped from that perfect freshly shaved cunt because she strains against her tight bed. Drool covers her face as the large dick reshapes her face pussy. Our fresh faced starlet is destroyed by the dick.After yanking one final orgasm from Paisley’s well fucked pussy, we walk off. She’s left twitchy and glassy eyed, shaking her her bondage. It is a fantastic look . We will return for one more round when we feel the impulse. Always a pleasure my dear…

Date: July 7, 2019
Category: Slave

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