Boysitting: Spanked and Pinned –


Oscar takes off SeanA’s collar and harness. He secures SeanA’s head with a rubber headharness that has a big rubber ballgag and fastens it. He pulls Sean onto his lap and places the electric bullet in a chair. Sean is shocked and pained. SeanA’s sexy antics turn bright red, and he continues to spank him. Sean has leather straps around his wrists and ankles that hold him against a wall. A rope is wrapped around his middle to keep it in place. He has his wrists attached to a pulley device that is pulled tight over his head. His legs are wide spread. Oscar uses a variety of tiny, multicolored clothespins and small clamps to secure SeanA’s stomach, abdomen, neck, collarbone, and upper arms. Oscar moves the pins and clamps around with his fingers. He also plays the vibrator, pushing at the skin. The boyAs face is covered in pain and this continues for quite some time. Oscar stops playing and starts to remove the pins. He warns him in advance about how it hurts. The pins and clamps all leave red marks. He takes the clamps and pins with a stoic attitude, but he is now close to crying, particularly when they are taken from his scrotum. Oscar rubs his welts which causes Sean to wince and Sean kisses Oscar over the gag.

From: kink_boundandgagged
Date: August 24, 2022
Category: Bdsm

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