Brock N’ Roll –


The Brock is back along with Bostons favourite resident has brought along a friend, Mr. Mike Dreyden. All of us havent seen 37 year old Brock Russell in a while; but were happy to see him. Mike Dreyden is a swarthy New Yorker hailing from Brooklyn. They make getting older look effortless. We wondered both of these world travelers at which their travels all would they wish to go back strictly on holiday. While Mike would wish to make it back to London in which he had a blast at HustlaBall London last Summer brock would love to return into Berlin. Mike wants to get the chance to receive his passport stamped all over. Mike is expiring to visit Greece, Spain, Israel, Berlin and Italy because his combination comprises the above nations. Brock has always wanted to visit Australia so we’ve got a feeling hed be doing a lot more than heading down under. . .in the down below. The subject older school threw and asked them if they remembered. I was seven and it was the neighbor child retire beams Mike. Child prodigy is in da house! Brock got a dick playing with Truth or Dare. . .good times.Mike is tense and Brock starts to give him a neck rub. His hands begin to ramble as Mike starts to moan as he begins working on his knots. Shirt comes off to provide access that is better to Brock. (of course!) Things get interesting since Brock reaches and unzips his own pants for Mikes cock. It has got to be greater compared to a neck rub. Because their palms explore other bodies brock and Mike begin to kiss. Brock watches as Mike finally gets a flavor of the cock and then sits back. He swallows as he tickles his new BFF Brocks thick penis all the way to the hilt. Stroke it while you suck on because he moans his acceptance on it coos Brock. Mike takes his time worshipping Brocks penis and gets on his knees. It is lapped at by him sucks his knob which makes Brocks cock throb. Brock has Mike lavish his dick with attention he offers a few back. Before going at his cock he pushes back Mike on the chaise. As Brock swallows his meat, mike moans and moans. Lets see since he has Mike on each of four that ass of requests Brock. Brock begins to finger that hole making Mike more horny to get a my gap! As Brock slams his dick inside, mike yells. Brock is off and running since he. Balls smack away in the sensation in that hole as Mike revels. This boy came to playHARD! Brock has Mike sit on his dick and then sits back in the chair. Mike does not have any trouble getting right back on that dick for more since he grinds and bounces that butt all the way down. Brock lets Mike do all of the job for a while until Mike stops to catch his own breath. Since he begins to slam up that hard prick into that tight ass, its Brocks turn. No matter how he gives it is taken by itMike. As Mike is pushed by Brock over towards the 14, missionary is next for these two. There he picks up those beefy thighs and slides his penis back in for more. Mike stroking his cock as he has that hole stretched wide and is rock hard. Cum for me, Baby Brock coos because he watches Mike becoming closer and closer to climax. Brock picks up. Mike explodes around his chest and stomach. Brock isnt much behind as he overly unloads around Mike…

Date: February 16, 2020
Porn stars: Brock Russell / Mike Dreyden
Category: Gay porn

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