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Trainers Intake ReportSubject ID: #033.

SSessionID: #6534StatsAge: 24Sign: TaurusHeight: 5’5″Weight: 140Measurements: 34dd- 24-34Anal: yesStatus: unownedHistoryExperience: 0.5yrsmost experience is with Kink.comno community exp.some exp. With partnerStrengthsendurancea push to pleaseability to shoot directionWeaknessespain thresholdeasily esp, famished pussyLikesLoves ropes. The marksbeing made for offbeing made to pleasefuckingDislikesnipple clampspussy clampshates that the caneFears”Anxiety is the main fear”afraid of waterBest Way To Orgasmdoggie style penetrationvibeseasy to receive offHow topic relates to:(Scale: 1-4 [low – high] 0 = no data)Rough Sex:4Face Slapping:4Master/slave roleplay:3Thud Impact:4Sting Impact:2Rope Bondage:4Blindfolds:3Electricity:1Bare Hand Spanking:3Humiliating Names:4Relates to submissive forms:Service Submissive:1Masochist:4Smart Ass Masochist:3Humiliation Slut:4The very best thing about beinga submissive slut is:”Pleasing sombody”The WORST thing about beinga submissive slut is:”Taking the pain”Trainer’s ratings:Pain Management:2Discipline:1Manners:3Composure:3Fucking:3Accepting Cock:3Sucking:4Orgasm Intensity:3Orgasm Control:1

Date: October 30, 2018
Porn stars: Bella Rossi / Maestro
Category: Spanking

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