Carol Dias Is Back Baby! –


Mistress Lexi has already broken and demoted her ex-boyfriend into a pitiful sissy slave, forcing him to wear a skimpy dress and panties . As she places him in pigtails and employs lipstick to his head, Lexi just yells in his pitiful pleas for her not to humiliate him. However, this slave doesn’t have any idea this is just the start of his own humiliations.After using the lipstick, Lexi strikes the sissy slave, telling him she has a boyfriend. She tells her boyfriend to come in and orders the sissy to his knees before her brand new stud. Lexi mocks the sissy due to his small penis, covered in panties. “I needed to get a true guy as my boyfriend, even a man with a true cock who knows how to utilize it”, Lexi scornfully informs the sissy. “But there’s something that you can do – that I dont like sucking man penis, so that’s what it is you will do! “Lexi orders the sissy to pull down her boyfriends trousers, then catches his mind and leaves it onto the boyfriends cock. Lexi gets the sissy suck on the cock till her boyfriend is all about ready to cum, and then places the sissys head in her lap so that she can control exactly where her boyfriend spurts his cum. Lexi makes sure to give the sissy a thorough cum tub, then plays with the cum, moving it around on your own face. Lexi pulls the sissys head up and laughs as she slaps his head, telling him that he is nothing but a slave who’ll do whatever she wants.

Date: October 12, 2020
Porn stars: Carol Dias
Category: Gay porn

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