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Allen wasn’t kidding when he said he wanted to get out there and see the planet… and when I say , I mean he was very open to the notion of having a guy fuck him! I actually never really asked what he had been into so that it didnt really hit me that maybe he can be turned on by the right man.Nolan was his first selection. Perhaps it had been the”tough guy” his or her fat dick? But thats who he wished to get fucked by. Little did he know that Nolan is actually quite sweet but worked out too. They really hit it off in the shore during their match of Twist. Allens shorts were fighting to stay on, just hanging onto that golden muscle butt of the (however I am not certain he desired them to stay on). After some play time and a little kissing on the beach, it was time to get them both naked and prepared for some balls-deep fucking. Allen slowly pushed against Nolans cock, taking it while goose bumps covered his body. And he then cut loose and rode it as if it was all he was waiting for! Allen was responsible for this fuck session and neither of them was holding back…

Date: September 20, 2020
Porn stars: Claudia Valentine
Category: Gay porn

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