College jock gets a crash.. –


Rod Peterson might look like a typical straight-jok, but he takes his education very seriously. Rod is working through anatomy homework and Sebastian approaches Rod in the reading area. He starts pinning on him. Rod is annoyed by Sebastian’s advances and retreats into a private bathroom. Rod is about to feel that he’s alone when Sebastian approaches the stud, and then binds him at the centre of the room. Rod gets jerked and massaged with hitachis, then fucked by a plunger. But he is never permitted to cum. Rod’s muscles bulge beneath the ropes and he moaned louder as he approached each edge. Sebastian takes Rod to the urinals while Rod’s boner continues. Rod worships his feet and has cock work with a vibrating chicken sleeve. He then drools at the ball gag. Sebastian is finally able to give the stud his loads, but not before letting the straight boy try his cum.

From: menonedge
Date: September 12, 2022
Category: Bdsm

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