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Mack showed up into the new from work, in long sleeve top and tie, very silent, very serious, and very sexy. Together with his long tail beard, very low voice, and sedate demeanor, we had a sense. It is always after their clothes begin to return, the compact, quiet types that surprise us, and at Macks case, the bombshell dropped along with his top. Lurking underneath the conservative fabric of his button down has been an arm filled with ink that runs all of the way and begins onto his shoulder blades. The tats inform the tale of talk no evil, see no evil, and hear no evil, that is a good thing, as regardless of the innocent look in his eye, we peered into the mind of a devil. And it did not take coaxing to find ole Luciferhis pitch fork, to emerge and play.Mack immediately loses his shirt, exposing his naturally smooth, slender torso with double sting sized salmon colored nipples. He turns his back and showcases the ink he enjoys. We are in closer and notice that there are mild crop circles of hair around those nipples which, such as the bulge in his jeans, indicate the state of the materials that they hold – tough and prepared. The ridges of his belly come to view as he squeezes his way down his abdomen and opens his pants. His boxers ride low and also a couple of tendrils of the bush peek over the top. Standing on the mattress, he slows his shorts so that the lily white curved bubble ass steals the focus. He slowly turns around, his cock leading the way, and presents a perfectly formed, yummy, pole that is as tough as steel and prepared for some deep pounding.Using his balls including a handle, he gradually brings his fist up and down his shaft, milking that beautiful pole until the head turns purple. His eyes are shut moans escape his lips. He continues to perform his shaft with a grip purposeful and steady, you can feel the senses by watching him work his dancing your cock down and up only. Mack surrenders to the feelings hammering his body, his shaft becoming thicker and thicker until the strand on the underside sticks out so far, it seems like another boner straight is being sported by his shaft underneath. His hands now forming a living cock ring, his balls bloated and luminous crimson in his grip because his moans increase along with his groove, causing a thick thick load that frosts his cockhead like the very first snow fall of the year and yes, it sticks. Ever after he shootshis cock never softens. It is true you can not keep a great man down.

Date: June 30, 2020
Category: Gay porn

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