Pretty Sarah Brooke is bound completely nude except for her dirty and sweaty jeans. Sarah has tried a lot of times to stop smoking – but she hasn&severe;t made it nonetheless. That&severe;therefore why I come into the area with cigarettes and explain to her I will help her now. I take 2 cigarettes out of the pack and have Sarah has to light them. I put them deep into the two nostrils. Now helpless Sarah can smoke the cigarettes . Shortly I notice that what’s going much too slowly because Sarah breathes a lot through her mouth. I simply always take the cigarettes from her nose. Then I take her off dirty and sweaty socks and put them in the girl´s mouth and wrap the duct tape around and around her head. I Cable tie her feet with a cord. I don&intense;t need Sarah shifting her head around so that I attach a thick leather posture collar over Sarahs neck and connect it very strict with the toe-tie so that Sarahs mind is arched back really tough. I tell her it’s very important so Sarah can&severe;t throw the cigarettes out of her nose by controlling her head. I pick up both lit smokes and explain to bad Sarah that it will definitely go quicker now. The 2 cigarettes are placed deep into Sarahs nose . Initially she tries to hold her breath however the gag makes this impossible. When the smokes fall out I place them back even deeper. I am able to inform Sarah is in grief and that I remind her that this is for her own good. I explain to her I only need to help her. I squeeze her nose though the 2 cigarettes are still in it. Now she can´t suck air in the side of the cigarette, then she’s to smoke through her nose. When she has a deep breath. I keep holding her nose for a second or even a third breath, till I realize it´s getting too much to her. Then you take the cigarettes permitting her to cough temporarily and we repeat this game many times. When it’s apparent that Sarah is completely devastated I put her out cigarettes, blindfold her with the tape around her mind and leave her alone.

Date: July 14, 2019
Category: General porn

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