Daddy-O ‘Gasm –


We bring together two giants and witness the incredible sparks fly. Doug Jeffries, fantasy dad extraordinaire is back after a very long absence. Doug, who is now 44 years old and originally hails from New York City is back. Brenn Wyson, the second member of this exciting ensemble. Brenn hails originally from Boston, and the hot-hung stud is unpredictable. Brenn’s presence in the house is never dull. WeAll be seeing a new side to the Boston boxer today. These two were asked if they would choose a different career and if so, what would it be. They would not have chosen anything else. Both love their jobs. Brenn enjoys the fact that he can beat up people for a living and meet many people. Doug enjoys all the travel opportunities this business offers him. It’s also a pleasure to work with so many people that he wouldn’t have otherwise. They are both hot and horny, and they have a lot of fun sex on the set. WeAve been waiting for these two to get together, so letAs start the party. As we roll on, Brenn has Doug already groping his crotch. As Doug begins to examine BrennA’s defined chest, and smooth abs, he pulls his shirt off. As he takes off his shirt, he uncovers BrennA’s commando. Doug puts that thick cock in the mouth and there’s no waiting. Brenn grumbles as he works on the cock. Then, Doug sits back and Brenn reciprocates the favor. Doug is strong and built well. His frame is solid and smooth with thick pectorals. Brenn begins to get into his mouth and gets crackly. As BrennA starts to fiss DougA, Doug keeps his head high. Brenn tries to be accommodating for DougA’s meat, but can’t help but laugh a few times. Doug kneels down to take more Brenn, and then he digs deep for his dear dick. As Doug eats his steak, Brenn mumbles “Awwwww you sucking so good dickA” Doug slows down as he savors each bite. Brenn cannot get enough of Doug’s cocky mouth as he feeds him. Brenn pulls Doug up to his feet, so that he can get more DougA’s cock. Brenn begins to nurse on DougA’s thick dick. It isnAt long before DougA’s smooth hole finds BrennA’s tongue. As Brenn digs deeper into his tongue, Doug rips him off. Doug is begging BrennA for more and grinding his teeth back at BrennA. After Brenn is satisfied, he stands up and walks away. Doug is offered his muscular sex as he bends down. Brenn says how great it is to feel that Doug has a thick cock in his stomach. He orders, “Oh yeah, fuck this holeA” as Doug speeds up. Doug grabs Brenn’s waist hard and takes his ass to the ground. He then proceeds to bounce on him. Doug is smart and uses Brenn’s cockiness to his advantage. He orders, as he stands still. Brenn begins to seduce that dick, as he longs for more. As long as this stud is willing to take the punishment, he will fuck Doug harder. Doug puts him down and lets his ass go. Brenn works hard and gets his ass full of man meat. Brenn is a ferocious sex hound. Just when you thought you had seen it all, he pounding away on his hot tums. Brenn takes the lead as he drives his thick cock into Doug. Doug grunts when heA’s forced to take that cock. He groans and Brenn gives him his dick as only Brenn could. Doug is almost ready to burst. Both of them sit side-by-side and unload their sweaty bodies. Damn, Daddy.

From: menover30
Date: August 16, 2022
Category: Gay

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