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19 year-old Julie looks like she just stepped off the bus, from someplace. She hears a commotion by a nearby street, and decides to find herself what its all about. As she approaches, she determines its own best if she just walks on by, trying not to have noticed, and notices half a dozen black dudes shooting craps. Unfortunately she is distracted by all this scenery that was ghetto, and doesnt realize that she’s walking through the middle of the dice action. The gang decides this is and before she knows it, she is whisked in a doorway, and so is face to face with also a well worn mattress, along with all the gang 6. Dicks begin coming , and Julie is set to her knees to begin a gangbang ordeal that she doesnt seem to be able to talk her way from. It seems whenever Julie tries to produce air and from here , its a free for all sucking and fucking, someone jumps in and pumps her mouth full of jungle juice! Dont feel sorry for sexy Julie though, at the end we understand that maybe all isn’t as it sounds, and this was just the encounter when she strolled throughout the garbage shoot, she was.

From: Slimewave.com
Date: March 25, 2020
Category: Fetish

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