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Season Six MatchDARLING: The GrapplerHT : 5A’4WT : 115 lbsSeason Record (2-0)Lifetime Record (11-4)Ranked secondTIA LINGJADEHT : 5A’1WT : 102lbsSeason Record (0-1)Lifetime Records (0-1)Ranked tenthDarling destroys everyone she comes across with her skill and flair Style points are all that the Grappler cares about. You will be pampered, finger-fucked, and embarrassed if you take on Darling. Darling, who is a hot girl and is determined to become a great wrestler, is one of very few girls that “smack talk” on a mat. Although she has some basic skills, practice is key. JADE is a fighter who never relents and will fight until the last moment. DarlingAs latest move in rd4 involves binding her opponent and forcing her to cum repeatedly – beyond the point where she can stop it. Darling will cum them, regardless of whether or not they are able to stop it. Over and over until they’re screaming and begging.

From: ultimatesurrender
Date: August 15, 2022
Category: Anal

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