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IaEUR(tm), I am spending the day indoors reviewing diapers, which I love very much. A pink vest is on me, with cute pictures of flamingos printed on the socks. A white, fluffy Abena diaper is also strapped in tight. I am surrounded by a beautiful pink DC Amor diaper. I sit comfortably and discuss my thoughts about the garment. Comfort level, ease of use, absorbency, feel around the bumaEUR, as well as how easy it can be applied – all things that any true diaper lover must consider! It’s so easy to slip it on after all the talk. The diaper feels very soft and crinkly. ItaEUR(tm), being pink, matches my vest makes it even more adorable! A glass of water sitting on the ground by my settee may indicate that IaEUR ™, have been drinking a lot. My bladder needs to empty, so now is a good time to try another DC AmoraEUR ™. I release a strong golden jet of air into my diaper and can feel the diaper getting heavier around me and larger as it fills. Switching positions, I lay down on my stomach on the sofa and feel the wet diaper press against my front crotch. It all feels amazing, so I close my eyes to enjoy the experience. It was a great afternoon. Check out the video for my review. There is no better way to look than in diaper details.

From: mydiaperdiary.com
Date: September 16, 2022
Category: Kinky Fetish

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