Delicious Digits –


Two temptresses, Tiffany Rousso at the ensemble and Victoria Swinger from the lace, worship their thighs and toes . These two blonde beauties quickly find comfy on the bed, as they like each other’s spiky high heels in addition to the more customary lesbian attractions such as breasts and vaginas!As they pare down their togs, the women are always conscious we’re seeing, looking our way as they remove a shoe or press a nylon-covered foot from a nipple.When they eventually get down to their scanties and their sleeves, the intense foot worship pleasure begins as Tiffany sucks on Victoria’s size 7.5 feet and pushes them from her face, and then Miss Swinger reciprocates by glomming on Tiffany’s size 8.5 peds. The underpants eventually take a hike and now the girls can both enjoy their bare boxes in addition to stocking feet, and rub on those feet against their slits too.Victoria munches on Tiffany’s sleeves till she eventually catches one off to suck on her friend’s red polished toes, and also those exact same delicious digits find their way to Miss Swinger’s slot. Her feet are run by tiffany through Victoria’s long blond tresses too. We get some closeups at Victoria’s bare feet being sucked by the end of Tiffany, because their foot worship spectacle comes to a decision that is happy and then their thighs are entwined by the women in exhaustion.

Date: February 7, 2020
Porn stars: Victoria Swinger
Category: Foot fetish

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