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Obtaining Derek to”push the envelope” was something that I couldnt get out of the head. I really wished to see his large, muscular body rail into someone!Bringing it up is always unpredictable. You don’t know how someone will respond. “Therefore,” I said…”You were pretty extreme during your first film. How would you feel about bringing this strength … to fuck someone? “He paused for another, then nodded. Very good sign.Then I tell him it would be a man. He was amazingly amenable. The only thing he wished to understand was”who? “He told me that he would like being with somebody who was likewise muscular.My first thought was Immanuel, who had really been asking about being on the receiving end. Immanuels curiosity couldnt have piqued in a much better time!Once they hooked up, the first thing they did was size up each other. Both of them approved.Dereks intensity was what I was hoping for. He did very well offering his first blow job and I was both impressed at how nicely Immanuel was able to shoot his first pounding!

Date: November 13, 2018
Porn stars: Derek / Immanuel
Category: Gay porn

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