DJ vs Lance Hart –


It’s Halloween at the armory into moving to the house tour with him so Sebastian talks Van. Spooky figures leap out right and left, scaring them half to death, as they stroll through the maze. In the midst of the fright, Sebastian found one of the employees in the haunted house was fairly sexy, so they slip back into the maze and then catch the stud that was masked off guard. He is tied up into the weapon prior to heading for his panties, while his pits are worshiped by Sebastian. They have him begging to cum after hammering him with an hitachi and make the boy’s penis hard with no trouble. While trimming his cock even more, in the graveyard, Sebastian and Van suck the jump stud’s feet. They push a vibrator before milking of the cum out of his prick!

Date: June 29, 2020
Porn stars: DJ / Lance Hart
Category: Gay porn

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