Dolf’s Foot Sex Captive –


Dolf was watching Hugh for some time and eventually got the chance. Dolf proves how amazingly dominant he could be, taking full control of him and tying big Hugh Hunter. Dolf doesnt let Hugh utter a sound, he does, smacking him. Dolf buries his head into Hughs stinky socks as their aroma is inhaled by him. Dolf wont have it although hugh begs to be let go, as the foot soaks is driving him crazy with lust. Over time, Hugh is finally stripped naked, sock-gagged since he will be quiet and jerked away from the very Dolf. Before that, Dolf worships Hughs size 12 ft!

Date: November 5, 2019
Porn stars: Dolf Dietrich / Hugh Hunter
Category: Gay porn

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