Double Extreme Tease –

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Sub Suzie joins me in this hot, extreme tease & denial scene. Our bound sufferer is edged over & over but never gets to cum. Suzie utilizes her soft, wet mouth & tongue tease his sensitive, sexy cock (cocksucking), we use her palms . . .we even utilize our pussies but merely fuck only the tip of his cock, forcing him crazy as he attempts to thrust deeper. We make him orally service us (PUSSY LICKING) while we toy with him. I want one to edge yourself together with this vid & see if you’re able to last. . .imagining this poor slave endured being calmed by 2 beautiful women… >>> You can see a lengthy FREE PREVIEW of the vid, along with other FREE vids around the PREVIEWS webpage of my penis website.

Date: January 10, 2019
Category: Bondage

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