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This session was rough. I couldnt think it could be. The last time that my Master had me in his grasp, I left exhausted and weak, tired from all the orgasms he left me own. Ive never screamed. This time I couldnt scream. It was down my neck if his dick was in my mouth. He’d pop the ball gag or stretch open my mouth with his palms, if he had been pounding in my pussy. That was my favourite part. Is enjoy and suffer it all. My arms were tied to my back, my legs from being stored in his lair waiting for him to put me trembling. He kept diving his dick into me, then spit oozing from my mouth, cream dripping from my pussy. When he does that to me I love it. Why? This isnt normal. Can it be?

From: Mistresst.com
Date: July 6, 2020
Category: Slave

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