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Dumb, dumber….slave”One guy”s delight is another mans pain” this adage matches flawlessly when the worlds dumbest slaves meet the most haunted women. Baronessa Carmen Rivera and contessa Barbara Calucci are extremely hard and disheartening. Theres no escaping from the long arm of the law, which these idiotic assholes have to experience firsthand! Theres delving into the anal examinations in the jail shower cell: the upper extremities of their torment experts drill their sufferers bowels up into the end. Which theyve pushed their golf legislation during, the two sadists pull out guns. High calibers from the form of XXL strap-ons blaze the trail through the infinite expanse of the extremely stretched bowels. This stay from the mistresses torment chamber shall stay in vivid memory for all these slave asses. And the moral of this story is: dont forget the soap in jail…! [Notice: The most spoken language in this movie is German]

From: Carmenrivera.com
Date: November 16, 2019
Category: Slave

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