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Noah is a sweet, quiet guy who also has an aggressive side. Hes been training in martial arts for years, mostly Jiu-Jitsu and kick boxing.Hes 21, 63", and straight."Im totally into girls who are aggressive in bed," he told us. "The wilder the better."True story: After doing this video, Noah agreed to get fucked by another guy.I love hot nerd/jock boys, so I was excited as shit!We hooked him up first with a big-dicked boy (I cant say who), and that was WAY too much for him.Then we got him with a medium-sized guy and that was still too much.Undeterred, we put him with a small guy and it was a no-go.His ass was JUST TOO TIGHT. Seriously, Ive never seen an ass that tight before! Im wondering how he even does number 2! Anyway, maybe well be able to get him to fuck another guy. Fingers crossed!

From: Wearehairy.com
Date: October 17, 2020
Porn stars: Edica
Category: Gay porn

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