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After getting an enthusiast favorite bottoming our resident bad boy, and making his debut on MenOver30 Brenn Wysonwe knew we had to share the love with all our associates on ExtraBigDicks. By love we naturally mean alluring Sean Duran. Sean hails from North Carolina and is young. Well, who better than to give Sean a suitable introduction into the Bigger is Better mindset than Drake Jaden. Drake is one of those hung locals driving them wild and at 27 that this Floridian makes it seem so simple. So we chose to ask them where it began, both of these hotties have tattoos a lots. For Drake it was the eye ball in the center of his tattoo. Since he sees it fascinating, thats what started it all but his favourite would have to function as Pi tattoo in his chest. I was a nerd Drake says am. First tattoo had been the wings onto his back but his favorite would have to be the cat on his left forearm cuz it brings luck to him. Their choices differ when it comes to what attribute in another individual makes them feeble. Drake loves a ass. Well, lets get this party started shall we?Sean and Drake are currently looking through a magazine when Sean remarks on a hot butt, rapping on pornography celebrities. Ive been told that I have a butt Drake grins. Seans not gont as he asks Drake to establish it, lose out on the opportunity. Drake stands up and pulls his trousers revealing that ass framed in an jock strap . Sean gets on his knees and also dives in face as his tongue slides inside this ass. Drake moans as he gets that hot hole rimmed making his enormous penis strain. He pulls his jeans down and lays back to allow Sean possess some dick. For it sucking on that cock all the way into the 14, sean immediately dives. As Drake bobs his head up and down on 16, he slobbers on that meat. Sean enjoys that thick meat but his meats feeling left out. He stands up and hammering his dick that is growing out and slams it. latches on to this dick, drake chokes and gags on it. He slides that dick his gullet that is proficient. He spits on that meat and then strokes his massive cock as he does. You like that dick grunts Sean because he watches Drake choke and gag on his southern charm.From there these two wind up on the ground in a steamy 69 as each gets his load of cock; bobbing their mouths onto all the swollen meat they could deal with. Shortly a mouth isnt enough for Drake who wants a ass on his meat. He contains Sean sit on his dick in a reverse cowgirl and sits back into the seat. Fuck thats a huge dick! Sean groans because he impales himself on it. As he starts to ride it his own dick is rock hard. He bounces on that dick taking every inch of it’s deep within him. He begins fucking himself ridiculous on that thick dick and gets his feet up on Drakes knees. Drake grunts and groans, slapping as he predicts Sean a dirty pig, that ass. Sean gets puts his face and that smooth ass in the atmosphere and requests Drake to fuck it. Drake shoves his dick deep in the ass as he pounds on that bum. Fuck me harder-Do it! Sean orders Drake railings into him even harder. From that point they wind up on the floor because he lays behind Sean, using Drake pounding that hole. He holds upward his leg as he buries that dick quickly and deep. That does the trick and it sends Seans load as Drake fucks it all out flying all over area rug and his thigh of him. Drake pulls out and blasts his own thick batch all. Sean greedily latches on to his wrists sucking every last drop After the last of his cum is invested. Mmm, mmm, Goooo!

From: Wearehairy.com
Date: April 3, 2020
Porn stars: Elena V
Category: Gay porn

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