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“I like basketball! “I was really surprised when Nestor explained that, because he certainly isnt built to this. Hes very muscular, with thick arms and a wide chest. And, in 55” its certainly a higher leap for him to get into the net.As were outside on a nice sunny day, thoughhe showed me hes actually pretty good.He was able to spare throw perfectly, and his dunks and setups were quite good, too! “I practice a great deal,” he said. “Ive been acting since I was five. “Hes also into weight lifting, which hes been performing since he was a teenager. “I was a scrawny child,” he explained. “It required a while to put muscle !”

From: Wearehairy.com
Date: September 27, 2020
Porn stars: Emanuelle
Category: Gay porn

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