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Isaac is trying to get out this review before his bum has fired and difficult at work. Phenix is really on his way out of work but he wishes to get his cock wet out of Isaac, until he leaves the office. The last time both of these studs played the boss almost captured them and they might have been fired when it wasnt for Phenixs thinking that was quick. Isaac initially is quite reluctant to get anything sexual while on the clock. Phenix on the other hand isn’t giving that up proceeds to pressure Isaac and simple. Phenix is done speaking he walks around the desk and also promises Isaac as he pulls his cock out into Isaacs face. Isaac eventually gives in and begins to deep throat that cock but directly from the Phenix is being loudly so while he provides him the best blow job of his life Isaac has to place his hands. Phenix afterward beds Isaac over his desk and fucks him good and hard but they aren’t being overly silent as Isaac yells and groans. They go from the desk into the seat where Isaac rides that cock while stroking his own fat dick. They both are being very loudly but by this point nobody cares because they end blowing off some hot cum they can hear their boss on the door and what will happen.

From: Menover30.com
Date: February 10, 2019
Porn stars: Isaac Hardy / Phenix Saint
Category: Gay porn

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