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This is a vid. I catch you glancing at me getting undressed. I understand youre intrigued by your dads fresh, younger wife. You end up confessing that occasionally you get so nervous which you have erection difficulties. I take you under my wing, explaining which you require a more mature, experienced woman to assist you. A great deal of attention for your penis which gets nice and hard. I dont allow you cum though, you want to learn orgasm control. From loving to Dominant very gradually I advance. I explain today Ill train you and that Ive educated your Pa to be my sex slave. I tell you Im going to place you in chastity and in 3 times well do so again..but I still wont let you cum. . .the brainwashing, mind fucking and training begins…

From: Mistresst.com
Date: November 6, 2019
Category: Mature

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