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The Sexy Miss Sinstress is pleased with the development of her sissy slaves and has taken 750 cocks from her. After a month, MistressA decided to release her from chastity in order to give her some time to stroke. MistressA is thanked by the slave, who kisses MistressA and then strokes MistressA’s sluts. This device has been keeping her small-sized penis inaccessible despite her many sexual needs and stages of arousal. She tells MistressA that next month she will go for a thousand. Sinstress rubs the slaves’ cock with her feet until it gets too hard. The sissy is then instructed to place her tiny unit under her feet, and she will fuck her. The Mistress says that she is not interested in having men fuck her. Sinstress tells the sissy to have a good time and soon she is in orgasm. She bursts into laughter and laughs until Mistress informs her that she will now put her back in chastity, but for six months.

From: clubstiletto.com
Date: September 25, 2022
Category: Anal

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