Faster Pussycat! Fuck it!.. –


Voluptuous MILF JJ Plush primps in front of her mirror applying red lipstick for her night on the town. She sits on the couch chatting with her lover about her vintage 90´s look. JJ dangles her Louboutin red sole stilettos and snaps a few selfies while she waits for her limo driver. She walks to the door to greet him and as she turns to grab her purse he ambushes her from behind in a tight choke hold dragging her into her bedroom. I tell Jim Hunter to tie her up while I search the rich bitch´s house for some jewels. JJ is hog taped and zip tied on the bed with her big tits exposed screaming through her OTM double taped zip tied gag. I climb up and grope her big tits then remove her $800 shoes and put them on my feet. I decide to help my man search her house leaving her hogtaped struggling and sobbing on the bed. The big tit MILF manages to break the duct tape and she tries to hop away but my man remedies that by adding lots more zip ties to her bound body rendering her completely helpless barely able to move at all when he finishes her off in a zip tie hogtie. We leave the rich socialite alone, brutally bound and sobbing wondering if anyone will come to save her …

Date: October 5, 2020
Porn stars: Sienna Hills
Category: BBW girls

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