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Tall, Blond and Boned is your clear topic this week here at CircleJerkBoys. Dallas Reeves is back this week and hes brought along the other buddy that is tall. Dallas is 63 and originally by Ft. Worth, TX. His friends a west coast surfer boy and answers to the name Shane Erickson. Shane is a San Diego native, born and raised last month and produced his debut. Shane has the following and using a body and face like his its simple to see why. Hes a top in his movies, as is Dallas; but today Shane will concede and give a comprehensive tour of his own personal beaches to Texas. Its not every single man that has to go there with Shane; but Dallas is tall, well hung and has amazing eyes. Shane is really a sucker for men with eyes. So Dallas lucked out. Dallas appreciated fine eyes too; but hes more of a dick kinda guy that was great. If the guy has a nice dick hes more curious about the options. Shane admits and moans, reverse what he wants for regardless of what he desires, he ends up. Well, to say the very least of these two studs are lacking in the sex department as Dallas admits they (porn star) jack away to every other. Hmmm.Making a beeline for this hot neck, Dallas starts to kiss Shane as Shanes eyes roll backwards. As they get acquainted they start to undress each other. They roll around because the clothes start to come off showing their eyeglasses that are chiseled. Shane stands up Dallas against the desk before going to work on such a hard prick that popped free of his briefs and undoing his pants. His mouth is fucked by shane as these hangers dangle below. he can find the party started down 15, he cried on his cock. He functions Dallas meat and non hangers without missing a spot. Dallas is next as he gets Shane to lie back giving him access to that thick dick. Shane moans gently as he watches his beef evaporate into Dallas moutharea. Take this dick he requests because he bobs Dallas on his beef. They change to a 69 position and Dallas discovers Shanes smooth rear door while Shane has been suckin Dallas. Inside which sends Shane into 12, he destroys his tongue. After a few minutes of rimming, Dallas finds for: I want you to fuck me SO Damnthat worked out well! As Dallas begins to shove his cock inside, shane is prepared and ready. As his butt gives way Shane remains. His body has been cut up and his muscles writhe only underneath his skin as he begins to get fucked. As he fucks surfer boy out, dallas begins to ride the swell. starts to buck back to get more, shane gets the feel of it. Dallas begins fuckin him more difficult and he sits back into a seat and has Shane sit on his dick, after hes got him loosened up. Shane sits on it and starts to ride like a champ. He bounces up and down and grinds that ass deep feeling all of it lodged up inside him. Before getting back that dick to him, dallas then sets our boy. Into Dallas who’s presently ramming his 7 boner, our best boy has completely given However on his back with his legs in the air. Shanes abs crunch because he looks down to observe Dallas pound him. It wont be long until Dallas dick sends Shane over the edge. Sure enough as Dallas picks up the speed and fucks him tougher Shane loses while Dallas proceeds to give him it, it breaking his load all over himself. Dallas jacks his load all over Shanes.

Date: January 15, 2020
Category: Gay porn

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